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Lisa, the 14th of April 2009 - 4 months oldIt all started with me and my ex bought our first Westie in 1998 (Wasa Hill's Spartacus). I had since I was a child wanted a West Highland White, but my parents had bigger dogs at home, Labrador retrievers. When I moved from home I got my own dog, a Dobermann. In 1997 he passed away and I started to miss my early morning and late evening walks. I knew that I wanted a new dog, but not as big as the former one. Me and my ex. started to talk about a smaller dog that was easy to take with us when we went some were and both of us came up with the idea of a Westie.

In the winter of 1998 we got our first WHW named Wasa Hill’s Spartacus "Milou" (later owned by my ex. until Milou walked across the Rainbow bridge the 25th of March 2012 at the age of 14 years and 8 months). So it was because of this little fellow I fell in love with the breed and after have met him I could never think of having any other breed.

At present I have six Westies here at home, three boys and three girls; Charlie, Kevin, Philip, Lisa, Amy & Gaby.

Jerry has now moved permanently to my ex and is living a very good life there with daily long walks and with lots of love. I meet him regularly and know that he has a very nice life as a retiree.

In April the 1st 2009, I got a new little girl here at home, Inverglen Lisa She's bred by Mr. & Mrs. Ken and Wendy Corri in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, England,
Kennel Inverglen

Mrs. Corri have had Westies for over 50 years and she has a huge knowledge about the WHWT breed. It was a true pleasure visiting her and to meet all her beautiful westies. I'm very grateful that I've got the chance to get Lisa! -She is actually the first Inverglen westie exported to Europe!

I'm a member of WestieAlliansen, the Swedish breed club for WHW. I've also been member of the committee of WESTIE I VÄST as chairman in the local westie club here on the west coast of Sweden, for many years now, and I’m also member in the Swedish Kennel Club and the Swedish Terrier Club live on the countryside in a small village called Kinnahult; it’s about 80 km from Gothenburg and about 25 km from Borås. Here at home we don’t have to care for cars, so it is only to open the front door and let the dogs run as they want - the only thing we have to look out for is the horses, that goes in the enclosed pasture outside my house.

I registered my kennel name in 2008. My first choice was actually Glenavon, but this was already taken, so I got my second option which was Inverour. I wanted a scottish prefix and thought this sounded really nice.

In March 2012 I got my first litter under the prefix Inverour. My English bitch "Lisa" was mated to NORD CH, NORD W-2011, NORD VW-2011, Swedish Westie of The Year 2011 Rieskant's Amazing Abe and this resulted in one little girl "Amy" Inverour Amazing Aerodyne.

My goal is to breed in a very small scale and keep the old English lines to the greatest extent possible .

March 2015

M i k a e l B r i s k

Björkelundsvägen 6 | S-511 42 Kinnahult, Sweden
Phn: +46 (0)702-80 69 59


M ea n dM r s.C o r r iw i t hL i s a&S o p h i a
Photo taken 31/03/2009 by Mr. Corri
I n v e r g l e nL i s a ,4m o n t h so l d